If you desire to find a place in the family of God… search our website for many such opportunities.


“I’m looking for Answers to Biblical Questions.”

“I’m looking for a Schedule of Services”

“I’m looking for a Small Group to join.”

  • Our Small Groups meet on Sunday night at the church building
  • Right now … there are four groups: Teen, Gen X, Middle Age Family, and Senior Saint
  • Ask anybody, at any service, for information on how to get involved in a Small Group

“I’m looking for an Upcoming Event to attend.”

  • Go to Home Page (look for the “Check It Out” promos and “Upcoming Events” calendar

“I’m looking for a Great Teen Ministry.”

“I’m looking for information about Bible Camp.”

“I’m looking for information about the Cheyenne Youth Rally.”

  • In 2009, the Rally was held the last weekend of January and was attended by teens from many states

“I’m looking for a way to serve the Lord.”

“I’d like to become a member of the Cheyenne Church of Christ.”

  • Contact Us (to ask specific questions of our Preacher – Mike Schneider)


There’s surely a place here for you to fit in and “Get Involved.” We hope to see you soon!