The teens of the Cheyenne Church of Christ

2015 Summer Teen Activities

We like to set a clearly spiritual tone in our work with young people. Application of Biblical principles is the goal of our Sunday morning and Wednesday night teen classes. Our teens grow very close as they participate in Bible camps, Mission trips, Service Projects, and Recreational Activities. Weekly devotionals and parent hosted parties allow for wholesome activity and fellowship for our youth. It is our goal to give our youth the fundamental truths of God’s Word coupled with real applications to every day life. We focus on helping the teens develop a relationship with God driven by their own internal motivation to prepare them for their future.

Memorable Moments

From time to time we find we like to have some good clean fun. Here are a few pictures we could round up and some of the videos we’ve made…

• 2010 : SHAME

• 2011 : Children of Light

• 2012 : Soul Food, Soul Food Round 2, Iron Chef

• 2012 : Mtn. Island Church of Christ